Let us transport your heavy machinery.


Transportation of heavy articles, warehouse business


This year is our 30th anniversary.
We are grateful for all your support.
Modern industrial machinery has diversified and become complex, and various means are necessary to handle them.
We aspire to make progress and be adaptable in our everyday services.
Our employees and staff are committed to gaining the trust of our customers by placing focus on the safety, security, and precision in providing the latest equipment.
Thank you for your continued loyalty,

November 1, 2015 President Takahiro Hirayama

Company Profile
・Trade NameHirayama Juryo Co., Ltd.
・PresidentPresident Takahiro Hirayama
・Head Office1718-10 Hiranuma Yoshikawa, Saitama
Tel) 048-982-2861 Fax) 048-982-2865
・Warehouse341-1 Yoshikawa Kogyodanchi-nai, Nakano, Yoshikawa, Saitama
Tel) 048-984-5711 Fax) 048-984-5712
・ApprovedGeneral motor truck transportation business (License 2nd No. 107)
Machine tool installation construction business (License 23rd 38836)
Industrial waste collection and transportation (Tokyo, Saitama)
Machine tool trade company
・Capital\10 million
・Employees20 members
・Business DetailsTransportation of heavy articles (available nation-wide)
Delivery of heavy articles, installation (labeling adjustment)
Dismantling of heavy articles, relocation (machine dismantling, etc.)
Transfer of construction site (layout change, transfer within construction site)
Warehouse storage (long-term storage available, rust-proof construction)
National and international exportation packaging (vanning and devanning works)
Various crane works (hydraulic crane, temporary portal crane)